We're always looking for new brand ambassadors to represent our business. 

To become an ambassador, please send us an email at help@smokingfrog.com or DM us on Instagram @smokingfrog_ with the information below. We'll let you know whether your application has been successful within 2-3 days and issue your first code.

All applicants must be 18+ and based in the UK. We otherwise encourage anyone & everyone to apply.

Why do we need this information?
Real Name  We need to know who you are!
Date of birth  We need to make sure you are over 18. We may ask for a scan of your passport or other form of identification document.
Instagram handle & number of followers. If you don't have Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch, Youtube etc will be fine!  You can become an ambassador regardless of number of followers.
Reasons for wanting to become an ambassador We want to ensure that we are building a community that correctly represents us and our values.